Torso from the famous sculptor Polykleitos

Drawing by Johann Krammer

This drawing shows the “Torso” from the famous sculptor Polykleitos (5th century BCE).

First, I watched Anatomy Master Class video lessons; then I watched videos once again. Every time I discovered some new details and information.

Here’s the drawing I did in the museum, trying to keep in mind the information I learned about human body in contrapposto.

Krammer_Glyptothek_Torso Polyklet Contraposto

It was the first time in my life in the Glyptothek museum in Munich.

And it was the very first time in my life when I draw in public, between other visitors of this magnificent museum (I was a bit nervous :-)). I was totally excited from this building and the ancient figures inside. For me, it is the “Eldorado” to draw. I am sure: I will come back to the “Glyptothek” very often.

I really recommend to all students to draw classical sculptures.

Once again, thank you for the Anatomy Master Class lessons!

With kind regards,
Johann krammer

Nice cross-hatching work! And how fortunate you could visit a museum! Are you also on the Drawing Academy course? How long have you been drawing? This makes me interested in the Anatomy Course now.


Dear RJ,

Many thanks for your nice comment!

I have to go to the museum because my models are not so patient. The Glyptothek museum is a great place to draw.

I started drawing about three years ago. At that time I also tried to attend drawing classes close to my home town. But unfortunately I could not get used to the rhythm and also to have obligations by a hobby outside of work.

So I started to search for an online course, in which I was able to pursue drawing without any pressure. I came across the Drawing Academy http://drawingacademy.com and was immediately impressed. This course provides exactly the topics I was looking for.

Technical elements like perspective, architecture, geometrical objects were easy for me because of professional reasons.

My main interest is in figurative drawing, and that is where the “Drawing Academy” a gold mine of Information.

The “Anatomy Masterclass” goes from the information content more deeper into details and shows literally what lies beneath. I will not describe details here, because you can find them in the demo videos.

But to watch only the videos is not sufficient. Very important thing is to sketch daily (If it is enough your wife will tell it to you :-)).

From my point of view, both courses – the “Drawing academy” and “Anatomy Masterclass” are great way to learn drawing. Later, you can check the “Web Art Academy” http://webartacademy.com , which is for artists who want improve oil painting skills.

With kind regards,
Johann Krammer

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