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Questions about the Course:

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Questions about the Course:

What is the Anatomy Master Class?

The Anatomy Master Class is a video course where you can learn:

  • Skeletal anatomy and musculature for fine artists;
  • The classical proportions of the human body, head, and face;
  • How to draw realistic figures and portraits.

What will I get?

In the course, you will receive:

    – 24/7 unlimited access to 25 video lessons;

    – Bonus downloadable art albums and books;

    – A free 3D anatomy app, depicting all anatomical features;

    – Personal unlimited support from the course tutors;

    – The Graduation Certificate.

Who are the course tutors?

The Anatomy Master is lead by Vladimir London and Natalie Richy, professional fine artists, art teachers, and internationally published authors. They also teach drawing and painting in the Drawing Academy and Web Art Academy.

What makes the Anatomy Master Class different?

This is the only anatomy course for fine artists where, for a one-time payment, you will enjoy lifetime access to all video lessons about human anatomy and unlimited personal support from the course tutors at no extra cost.
Unlike in contemporary art colleges, the course tutors will draw in front of your eyes while explaining all you need to know about human body proportions, bones and muscles.

This course provides an easy and fast way for artists to learn human anatomy, and it is suitable for both complete beginners and advanced students alike.

The course is designed in such a way that there is no need to learn the Latin names of bones and muscles, and all the comprehensive information is delivered in a way that is very easy to understand and remember.

Can this course replace the full drawing course?

The Anatomy Master Class focuses on human anatomy for artists: the body, the proportions of the head and face, and techniques for drawing human figures and portraits. It does not, however, cover in depth such fundamental principles of traditional drawing as constructive drawing, linear and aerial perspective, golden proportions, rules of composition, tonal values theory, and traditional rendering techniques. To cover these topics, you will need to enroll in the course.

Is this course suitable for complete beginners?

Yes, even someone totally new to drawing will be able to understand and follow the Anatomy Master Class curriculum. At the same time, it is advisable for a beginner to develop foundational skills in drawing practice and theory, which is available in the course.

Do I have to draw what I see in Video Lessons?

You can, but to get the best results from this course, you should make sketches from life, memory, and imagination, applying the information that you learn in the videos.

You can work on your own creative projects, sketching figures and portraits.

In every case, you will find the information about anatomy and proportions very helpful and applicable to your new pieces.

How long will I be able to access the course?

You will have lifetime access to all the anatomy video lessons and bonus materials. There is no expiration or deadline.

What materials do I need for the course?

Very few; if you have a graphite pencil and a sketchpad or drawing paper, you are fully equipped. If you wish, you may also get a red pencil, an eraser, and a drawing board.

Does the Anatomy Master Class provide assignments for its students?

Yes, you will have suggested assignments; these are, however, completely optional.

You may work on your own creative projects or draw figures and portraits from life, memory, and imagination without referring to the assignments list. It is provided only if you need guidance.

Do I need access to life models and antique sculptures?

This is definitely helpful but not required.

If life-drawing sessions are offered locally, you may find it helpful first to watch the Anatomy Master Class video lessons and then try your skills in a life class.

The same goes for drawing from classical casts and sculptures in museums and galleries.

If you don’t have access to models, however, it should not stop you from learning about anatomy. It is entirely possible to learn what you need to know about the human body’s skeletal structure, musculature, and proportions just by watching the video lessons.

Thereafter, you can draw from imagination, do self-portraits, or ask your friends and family to pose for a portrait. You could even ask people on the street if they want a free portrait. You might be surprised at how many of them will be happy to have a portrait free of charge!

Eventually, you will find your model. There is no excuse not to practice figurative drawing and portraiture.

Where can I see artwork and feedback by the course students?

You may check what our students say here.

Are any workshops available in the Anatomy Master Class?

To provide this valuable course to art students around the world, who would not have an opportunity to study otherwise, we only deliver the course content online. This way, more students can benefit from our personal support wherever they are.

Where can I learn how to draw?

If you want to learn traditional drawing techniques, including constructive drawing principles, linear and aerial perspective, golden proportions, rules of composition, the theory of tonal values, professional rendering techniques, and much more, you can enroll in the course.

Where can I learn how to paint?

Drawing is the foundation of all the fine arts. If you already have strong drawing skills and want to learn the secrets of traditional oil painting that are not taught in contemporary art colleges, you can enroll in the course.

Questions about the Free Demo:

What is the Free Demo?

You can get a good sense of the Anatomy Master Class by watching select anatomy video lessons and downloading the free art books and albums that are available in the Free Demo section.

In addition, you will also start receiving news and updates to your mailbox. You can unsubscribe at any time.

How do I access the free video lessons and bonuses?

Your free username and password will be emailed to you after you enter your email address on this page and confirm your subscription.

Please note: your email address is not your username. A free account will be set up for you automatically.

Questions about the price, payments and refunds:

How much does the Anatomy Master Class cost?

Today, the course is available to you at the very low introductory price of only $97. For a one-time payment, you will receive lifetime access to all 25 human anatomy video lessons as well as multiple bonus art materials. The course price will go up in the future.

Is there any discount available?

The real value of the course is $2,475 (25 lessons valued at $99 each). Today’s price gives you a massive discount of $2,378 – that is 96% off! You pay less for the entire course than the market price of a single video lesson.

Our mission is to help you to become a better fine artist. That is why you can enroll in the course now at only 4% of its real price.

Can I purchase the course as gift for my children, partner, or friends?

Yes, you can. You can pay with your debit/credit card or PayPal and set up the course account in your loved one’s name.

The best investment is in education, which makes the Anatomy Master Class a perfect gift.

How can I pay?

You can pay with a debit or credit card or PayPal. The online payment is completely secure and instantaneous. We don’t have access to your card details nor your PayPal account. Your transaction is safe and you are in total control.

Will there be any additional payments for tutor support or course updates?

The one-time course fee includes lifetime, unlimited personal support from the course tutors. They will be happy to guide, answer any art-related questions you have, and advise you on your creative development. There are no any additional costs involve.

What is the refund policy?

The full sales and refund policy is described on this page. You can receive a full refund if you haven’t received the product. Once you receive the course access, it is not refundable. However, we will be happy to hear your circumstances and come up with an acceptable solution.

Questions about the Cash Back Offer:

What is the Cash Back Offer?

In the Anatomy Master Class, we offer $50 cash-back in return for your video feedback about the course. It is paid as a partial refund.

Is the Cash Back Offer guaranteed?

The Cash Back Offer is neither automatic nor guaranteed; you have to hold up your part of the deal. Read below to see how to get it.

How can I get the cash back?

If you like the Anatomy Master Class, tell the world about it. Send us a video testimonial together with samples of your figurative artwork from before and after the course. If your video is published on our website, we will send you a partial refund of $50.

Is there any time limit for the cash-back?

Yes, you have 3 months from the time you enroll in the course to send your video feedback and artworks.

Questions about video lessons and bonuses:

Are video lessons available in other languages?

All video lessons are only available in English.

How long are the video lessons?

Each video lesson is divided into multiple parts (between one and five), each part being 10 to 20 minutes long. The full length of the video course is about 12 hours.

Can I download the Video Lessons to my computer?

All the video lessons are only available for streaming online. You will be able to access lessons at any time, on any Internet-connected device. As a course student, you will have lifetime access to all video lessons and bonus materials.

You cannot download the Anatomy Master Class video lessons. This policy protects our copyrighted products distribution. Any violation of this policy will be prosecuted in accordance with international laws.

Can I download the bonus materials to my computer?

Yes, you can. Some of the art albums and books come in PDF format; you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader on your device to read them.

What is the best way to learn in this course?

The Anatomy Master Class delivers all necessary information in an easy to follow way – just sit back, relax, and enjoy the video lessons in their sequential order. You may pause the videos from time to time to make some sketches or take notes on the topic you’ve learned.

You also will benefit from applying new information when drawing figures and portraits from life, memory, and imagination.

Although access to life drawing sessions and classical sculptures would be beneficial, it is not required for the course. You can learn all you need to know about human anatomy, classical body proportions, and techniques for drawing figures and portraits from the video lessons without models.

Questions about a Graduation Certificate:

What is the Graduation Certificate?

After the course, you will be entitled to receive the Anatomy Master Class Graduation Certificate. This is to commemorate your achievement of completing the course and putting your new knowledge into practice.

When will I receive the Graduation Certificate?

You can apply for the Anatomy Master Class Graduation Certificate after one month from the date you enroll. There is no deadline or expiration. You can take as much time as you need to go through the course, and you will be able to obtain this certificate over the entire lifetime of the product.

Are there any exams? How do I receive the Graduation Certificate?

Relax! There are no exams to pass. However, the Anatomy Master Class Graduation Certificate is not awarded automatically. We want to make sure you benefited from the course and would like to see your results.

To receive the Graduation Certificate, you need to provide your feedback about the course together with at least two figurative drawings – one from before you took the course or right when you started, and another from after you completed it.

When your written feedback and artworks are reviewed, you will receive the Graduation Certificate. Your story and artwork may be published in the Anatomy Master Class Students Gallery.

Questions about personal support from the course tutors:

Is personal support from the course tutors available?

You will enjoy personal support from the Anatomy Master Class tutors, Vladimir London and Natalie Richy, professional fine artists and art teachers. They created this course and will be able to answer all your art-related questions, as well as advising you on your creative development. This support is provided via email.

How long will I receive the personal support?

You will receive the personal support as long as you need it. It is unlimited and offered for the lifetime of the product.

Can I submit my artwork for critique?

You are welcome to send your figurative artwork for critique via email or by submitting it online at this page.

Vladimir and Natalie also provide feedback about non-figurative artwork for Drawing Academy students.

If you are already a Drawing Academy student, you can submit your non-figurative artwork for critique on this page.

If you are not a Drawing Academy student and want to receive feedback about your non-figurative artworks, you can enroll in the Drawing Academy course here.

Questions about login and technical support:

How do I set up my personal account?

After payment, you will be automatically redirected to the account setup page. Just enter your name, email, and password, and you will immediately have access to all video lessons and bonus materials. If you have any troubles with account setup, please contact us here.

Is this course compatible with iPad and smartphones?

Yes, you can watch the video lessons on any Internet-connected device, including iPad and Smartphones. From time-to-time, a new device comes on the market, and we try our best to make sure that the course is compatible with the technology. If you have any compatibility issues, please contact us here.

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?

You can reset your password at any time by clicking the “Forgot password” link on the login page. An email with the ‘reset password’ link will be sent to your mailbox.

I can’t login, what do I do?

To protect the members’ area from unauthorized access, you have four attempts log in successfully. In case of multiple failures, your IP will be blocked for 30 minutes. Do not reset your password if this happens, it will not unblock the IP address. Just wait thirty minutes and try again, being careful to use the correct username and password. Your login details are CASE SENSITIVE. If you use both UPPER-CASE and lower-case characters, please type them accordingly. Make sure your CAPS-LOCK is off. Do not enter accidental spaces before or after your username and password. If you still cannot login, do not keep trying. Send our customer support a message here. They will be happy to help, and you will not block your IP.

The video lesson won’t play, what do I do?

The video lessons are streamed from Amazon’s very fast and reliable cloud server. If you cannot play the videos smoothly, it might be due to a slow broadband connection at your end. Please check your Internet connection and download speed. You may try to play the alternative video, which is located underneath the main one and is optimized for a slow Internet connection. Please make sure you have the most up-to-date browser and the latest video plugins installed on your device. Clearing the cache can also help improve performance. Also, please check your firewall and device settings, they might prevent the video from playing. If you still have any troubles, you can contact the technical support here.

I have a question that is not answered here.

Please send us a message here. We will be happy to help.

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