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Human Anatomy for Artists – Online Video Course

This anatomy course is for artists like you, who don't have much time for learning

Here, you can learn how to draw figures and portraits
in a realistic manner with the full knowledge of the
human body's anatomy and proportions

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What you will get

Anatomy Master Class
  • 25 Video Lessons about Human Anatomy for Artists
  • Personal Support from the Course Teachers
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Graduation Certificate in your name
  • Your Artworks Critique by the Course Tutors
  • Students Gallery
  • Bonuses – Books and Interactive 3D Anatomy App
  • Members-only Art Newsletters

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Anatomy Master Class

What Makes this Course Unique:

There are no other Anatomy courses like this:

  • All you need to know about anatomy in one place
  • You will learn anatomy in an easy and fast way
  • Personal unlimited support by the course tutors
  • Lifetime access to video lessons and bonuses
  • Learn only what is essential for an artist
  • No Latin names to memorize
Anatomy Master Class

How You will Benefit:

In the Anatomy Master Class, you will discover:

  • Classical Proportions of a Human Body, Head and Face
  • Skeletal Anatomy
  • Muscle Anatomy
  • Figurative Drawing Step-by-Step
  • How to Draw Human Figures from Memory and Imagination
  • How to Draw Realistic Portraits

Anatomy Master Class Curriculum:

Anatomy Master Class
  • Anatomy for Artists
  • Contrapposto
  • Human Figure Proportions
  • Human Body Skeleton
  • Muscles of the Body
  • Human Head Proportions
  • How to Draw a Skull
  • Face Anatomy
  • Head, Neck and Shoulders Anatomy
Anatomy Master Class
  • Human Torso Anatomy
  • Muscles of the Body
  • Arm Anatomy
  • Forearm Anatomy
  • How to Draw Hands
  • Pelvis Anatomy
  • Lower Limbs Anatomy
  • Knee Anatomy
  • Foot Anatomy
Anatomy Master Class
  • Female Anatomy for Artists
  • How to Draw Female Body
  • How to Draw a Girl
  • Male Anatomy
  • How to Draw a Man
  • How to Draw a Human Body
  • How to Draw a Realistic Face
  • Portrait Drawing Step-by-Step
  • How to Draw Portraits
Anatomy Master Class

Our Vision, Purpose and Mission

We have the Vision that fine art portrays the beauty and meaning in life. We promote realistic fine art and continue the Old Masters' traditions. Our Mission is to give you proper and professional art education, teach you traditional art skills and methods, and help you develop your individual art style based on the values and legacy of classical fine art.
Anatomy Master Class

Is this course for me?

If you want to learn human anatomy in the fast and easy way, this course is for you.

It is designed for art students, who don't have much time for learning.

It is very easy to study here – just sit back, relax, and enjoy video lessons. You will discover the must-know info about human anatomy for artists.

Support from the Course Teachers

Unlimited Personal Support

You will be supported by the course tutors – Vladimir London and Natalie Richy.

This support includes your figurative artworks critique and is provided via email for as long as you need it. It is unlimited and available for a lifetime of the product at no extra charge.

Anatomy Master Class

Anatomy Master Class video lessons are compatible with all devices

You can watch videos online 24/7 on any internet-connected device
Life Drawing Academy
Life Drawing Academy

Anatomy Master Class
Graduation Certificate

After the course, you will receive a Graduation Certificate.

There are no exams to pass. However, this Certificate is not awarded automatically. We want to make sure you benefited from the course and would like to see your figurative artworks before and after the course.

What our students say

"I started this class about two weeks ago and already learned so much... it is truly amazing"
Luca Molnar, Anatomy Master Class student"

Anatomy Master Class review

"I am a surgeon and would like to congratulate you on how well the pertinent anatomic features are described and explained in the Anatomy Master Class. I thoroughly enjoy this course an find it useful even for my surgical practice! Thanks!"
Dr. Valérie Julie Brousseau, Surgeon, Anatomy Master Class student

Anatomy Master Class review

"I'm so glad that I found your course! You gave me more information and know-how than I got after years of studying at my art college. I only wish I had enrolled in your anatomy course sooner."
Richard M., Anatomy Master Class student

"If you want to improve your figurative art skills, the Anatomy Master Class is the course to enroll!"
Johann Krammer, Anatomy Master Class student
Anatomy Master Class review

"I truly recommend you, guys, to enroll in the Anatomy Master Class. For me as a foreign student, this course was quite easy to understand; and it was such an inspiration for me. I'm a medical doctor, actually, and drawing is my passion for many years. "
M.Dr. Anastasia Vasilyeva, Anatomy Master Class student

Anatomy Master Class review

"I always wanted to draw portraits but was never able to draw them accurately. Thank you, guys, for making these video lessons available. With you, it is so easy to learn figurative drawing and anatomy. Thank you for being so supportive!"
Susan, Anatomy Master Class student

Great value for money

When it comes to the Anatomy Master Class value, consider this:

Real Course Value

  • The real value of the anatomy course is $2,475 (25 video lessons at $99 each)
  • Unlimited personal support from the course tutors - Priceless
  • Lifetime membership

You pay

  • Only $97 for 25 video lessons (less than the market-value of a single video lesson!)
  • Support and artworks critique comes at no extra charge
  • One-time fee, no recurring payments

Simple Pricing, No Surprises

One-time payment - Only $97 USD


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