Anatomy Master Class Sales & Refund Policy

By enrolling into the Academy Master Class course you agree to comply with our Sales and Refunds Policy.

1. Products Sales

1.1 Anatomy Master Class offers personal tutoring for fine artists via email and additional educational materials, including video lessons and text materials on "Human Anatomy for Artists" and other fine art related topics.
1.2 The personal tutoring and educational materials are packed into the Anatomy Master Class course. Access to the course products is provided in form of the Anatomy Master Class membership.
1.3 The course membership can be purchased for a one-time payment.
– The price of the course includes the complete package of video lessons and bonuses.
– All tutoring and educational materials contained in the course are delivered after a payment.
– User will continue having full access to all video lessons and bonus books for a lifetime of the products.
1.4 The Anatomy Master Class products are sold via our authorized reseller.

2. Tutoring and Products Delivery

2.1 Personal support is provided by Anatomy Master Class tutors via email.
2.1 Additional education materials of the Anatomy Master Class, including video lessons and bonuses are digital intangible products and as such delivered in digital format only. There are no DVDs, physical books or other tangible products deliverables.
2.2 All Anatomy Master Class educational materials are available 24/7/365 days a year excluding short periods of necessary technical maintenance and product upgrades.
2.3 The Anatomy Master Class video lessons are streamed online and can be watched online only. It is your responsibility to have a good broadband connection and an internet connected device with HTML5 video playback functionality.
2.4 Downloading of the Anatomy Master Class video lessons to ones computer or other device is strictly prohibited. This policy protects our copyrighted products distribution. Any violation of this policy will be prosecuted in accordance with international laws.
2.5 The Anatomy Master Class bonus books are available in PDF and/or HTML format and can be read online or downloaded to ones computer or other device.
2.6 It is a user's responsibility to contact Anatomy Master Class tutors via email or online via this website, to ask any art related questions and artwork critiques. All Anatomy Master Class products are deemed to be delivered upon a user signs up to the course and receives an access to the membership Dashboard, which contains links to all video lessons and bonuses featured in the course.
2.7 The delivery of products is deemed full and complete regardless whether a user consumed the products he or she has access to. The term "consumption" here means watching any of video lessons or reading any of bonus books or contacting tutors for personal support and tutoring.
2.8 A user will have an access to purchased products for a lifetime of these products.

3. Membership Cancellations

3.1 The Anatomy Master Class offers a free demo account that you can subscribe to before purchasing the course. The free demo is a good taster of what to expect from the course. Please use this opportunity to decide whether you want to enroll.
3.2 You can request your account cancellation at any time after enrolling in the Anatomy Master Class. An account cancellation request has to be sent to our Customer Support team.
3.3 Cancellation of an account does not provide a refund; it simply closes your account and terminates the access to the course by removing your username and password from our database.

4. Refunds

4.1 If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, send us an email. We will review your case and advise how to benefit from the Anatomy Master Class online course and our personal support.
4.2 You can receive a full refund for duplicate payments, i.e. if you have paid for the same product twice, your second payment will be refunded. Please contact our Customer Support team in such case.
4.3 WE DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS FOR PRODUCTS THAT HAVE BEEN ALREADY DELIVERED. Please refer to the Clause 2 of this Sales and Refund Policy for the "Tutoring and Products Delivery" Terms and Conditions.

Great value for money

When it comes to the Anatomy Master Class value, consider this:

Real Course Value

  • The real value of the anatomy course is $2,475 (25 video lessons at $99 each)
  • Unlimited personal support from the course tutors - Priceless
  • Lifetime membership

You pay

  • Only $97 for 25 video lessons (less than the market-value of a single video lesson!)
  • Support and artworks critique comes at no extra charge
  • One-time fee, no recurring payments

Simple Pricing, No Surprises

One-time payment - Only $97 USD