What Anatomy Master Class Students Say:

"What I like about this Anatomy Course – it is easy to learn. If, like me, you want to improve
your figurative drawing skills easy and fast, enroll in the Anatomy Master Class today.
This course is so underpriced, and it way over-delivers!
I'm very glad I took this course; you will be too!"

Joel, Anatomy Master Class student and presenter

"I truly recommend you, guys, to enroll in the Anatomy Master Class. For me as a foreign student, this course was quite easy to understand; and it was such an inspiration for me. I'm a medical doctor, actually, and drawing is my passion for many years."

M.Dr. Anastasia Vasilyeva

Anatomy Master Class Review

Feedback from Luca Molnar, Drawing Academy and Anatomy Master Class student

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"Hey guys,

A year ago I started doing the Drawing Academy course and it was amazing, I've learned so much. I can't say Thank you enough. I have been always looking for a place to learn the classical drawing methods, but could never find one, so it was a perfect solution to me. Naturally, I was very excited to learn that a new course is coming – the Anatomy Master Class. I started this class about two weeks ago and I already learned so much; it is truly amazing. It is really the best decision to make if somebody really wants to learn how to draw. I'm really grateful and can't say thank you enough to Vladimir London for bringing this course to life; it's amazing.
Thank you!"

Luca Molnar

Anatomy Master Class Review

Feedback from Ray Habyan, Drawing Academy and Anatomy Master Class student

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Anatomy Master Class Review

Feedback from Carol Grace, Drawing Academy and Anatomy Master Class student

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"The Anatomy Master Class has completely exceeded my expectations! I was looking for a course that would teach me how to draw from memory or imagination rather than having to have a model in front of me or copying. When I finally discovered this course I was so happy to see that each video is the bottomless fountain, where each time you view them you discover something new, there is always something to learn. The harmonious way they lead us into this fantastic world of art, the relaxed way such a sophisticated subject as the human body is presented from axes to skeleton, muscles, skin, and from outside-in. We are shown how to view a masterpiece in a different way, as if we took an x-ray and therefore we are given the elements to understand, and that is the key to it all, to understand what makes a masterpiece. After the course, I now can give way to my creativity, as I can really capture poses in a realistic way.

This is definitely a pearl of art at a bargain price. Imagine, having tutors to call on for a lifetime. I definitely recommend it to anybody whether you're a beginner or advanced. Just go ahead – enroll! You'll never regret it! Welcome to the Anatomy Master Class!"

Carol Grace

Anatomy Master Class review from Valerie-Julie-Brousseau-Anatomy-master-class-student

Feedback from Dr. Valérie Julie Brousseau,
Surgeon and Anatomy Master Class student

"As a subspecialty surgeon, I often have to reconstruct structures in the face as well as to document specific steps of an operation – for a report, a chart, or a publication. The Drawing Academy and Human Anatomy courses have provided me with the skills necessary for me to document my surgeries with ease and precision. The quality of its anatomical references and details has also provided me with a deeper understanding of human body aesthetics and the impact of individual structures on local and global aesthetics.

I would be hard pressed to find a classical art teacher able to deliver such an excellent course, and even then, I would probably not be able to attend due to my busy schedule. The online aspect of the course allows me to work at my own pace, when I want, where I want – and still get the best training and advice in classical art. Congratulations to Vladimir London and Natalie Richy for putting together a fantastic course!"

Dr. Valérie Julie Brousseau, BScH, MDCM, FRCSC

Dr. Valerie Julie Brousseau, member of Physicians' Alliance against euthanasia »

Anatomy Master Class review

""Before starting this course, I was always struggling with human body and face proportions. Thanks to this Class I have really understood how to draw a portrait without the help of the grid. I would recommend the Anatomy Master Class to everyone who want to draw portraits and figures realistically. This course is easy to follow and joyful to learn.""

Annalisa Amato, Anatomy Master Class graduate

Anatomy Master Class review

""I'm so glad that I found your course! As a graduating BA Fine Art student, I felt completely ill-equipped to draw figures in a realistic manner. You gave me more information and know-how than I got after years of studying at my art college. Thank you so much! I only wish I had enrolled in your anatomy course sooner.""

Richard M., Anatomy Master Class student

Anatomy Master Class review

""I always wanted to draw portraits but was never able to draw them accurately. I had no confidence in life-drawing. It was so frustrating. Thank you, guys, for making these video lessons available. I'm a mother of twins and going to an art college is out of question. With you, it is so easy to learn figurative drawing and anatomy. Thank you for being so supportive!""

Susan, Anatomy Master Class student

"Just to let you know, I have just bought your course. I have struggled with anatomy for years as an artist. Now at age 75 with your course I believe I am finally getting somewhere. Thanks,"

JP Powel

"I recently enrolled in the Anatomy Master Class. After watching just first two videos my mind is exploding. In four years of an accredited State University, Art/Art Education curriculum nothing ever approached what these two videos have presented. My four years were simply wasted, my G.I. Bill sent to the sewer.

I also enrolled in the DrawingAcademy.com Watching the videos are simply mind smoking compared to the number of You Tube Videos I have watched. Watching the draftsman complete these drawings before my eyes I find astounding.

I am very pleased I finally submitted to taking these courses and I am holding high expectations. I have been painting and drawing since a child, have worked as a Mechanical Draftsman making percision drawings using instruments, so I possessed some level of skill and am anticipating great expectation.

I will be watching these videos and etc., time and time again. There was some Japaneese research that says nothing ever enters into long term memory until a thing is done a minimum of ten times. With my failing memory I will speculate I will have to do this more than ten times but will be done so with great pleasure.

Thank you for taking the bold step forward and committing yourself to helping others to grasp the pencil with determination. Thank you for your selflessness and sacrifice to thousands of us across the globe. Should I live long enough and be able to achieve some personal self satisfaction through this course my heart and soul is set upon making a donation to support a few students who cannot afford to take your Academy.

I am personally compelled to do this due to the greatness of your course. It is the best way I can say thank you."


"Outstanding Value!

After enrolling in the Anatomy Master Class, I am very grateful and thrilled for the quality and depth of this course.

This is one of the best investments I've ever made. The visuals are stunning and inspiring. The instruction so professional and easy to follow. My confidence and sense of hope are soaring.

I'm a care-giver for someone with disabilities. I cannot get out to take classroom lessons. Academy Master Class is opening my world and making my artistic goals a reality. This course is challenging, requires disciplined practice and is fun!

Thank you so much for making this beautiful, valuable course affordable and available for a lifetime of enrichment!


Christine Lachowin

Great value for money

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  • Support and artworks critique comes at no extra charge
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