Copy Drawings of N. Fechin (study of the Skull and Face)

Artworks by Dan S., Anatomy Master Class student

In support of my anatomy studies I have decided to draw copies of certain drawings that clearly show the skull and facial anatomy.

The first two drawings are from Russian-American artist Nikolai Fechin.

Because Fechin would sometimes slightly exaggerate anatomical features of the head and face these drawings seem to me to be helpful in learning how to render features of the human head that are true to the underlying bone and muscle structure.

Artworks by Dan S., Anatomy Master Class student

This image of a man’s head really brings out many features of the skull and facial bones as well as some of the muscles of the face.

One can almost place a skull beside the drawing and identify many features:

  • The prominent Parietal Eminence (of the front skull)
  • The flattened side of the skull (Squama and Temporal Fossa)
  • The Supra Orbital Eminence and prominent Superciliary Arches
  • The Zygomatic Arches and Process (cheeks)
  • The prominent Maxilla, Mental Process and Mandible

And many other features such as the ring of muscles around the mouth such as the Depressor Labi Inferioris and the muscles adjacent to it.

The woman’s facial anatomy is more subtle but still visible.

From the slightly unusual vantage downward looking vantage point we can clearly see:

  • The Nasion (root of the nose)
  • The Bi-lateral Nasal bones
  • The various cartilage – Lateral and Alar
  • The Zygomatic Arches (Cheek), Mental Protuberance (Chin) and its clearly defined fat pad

I hope that by studying and drawing the skull by itself and then drawing these copies that I will reinforce my knowledge of the skull and facial bones and also enhance my practical skill level at utilizing this knowledge in drawing the human head.

Thank you,

Dan S.

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