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Shoulder study

Shoulder study

Drawings by Johann Krammer, Anatomy Master Class student

I did a first try to learn about the human anatomy with the 3D Software “Zygote Body”.

It is not easy to keep the count of all the bones and vertebrae while drawing. Here is my first result.

Shoulder study

With kind regards,

Feedback from Vladimir London, Anatomy Master Class tutor

Hi Johann,

Thank you very much for your drawing, I really like your drawing, well done.

When drawing a human body (skeleton), you can use the following rule – do not follow the rules of linear perspective to the point : )

This way, you will avoid photo perspective in close-up views. Draw figures in such perspective as if you see the model from a greater distance.

In addition to the Zygote app, you may check out the “Essential Anatomy 3” – free version includes bones only, but the skeleton is very accurate and realistic.

Once again, thank you for your wonderful drawing.

Best regards,

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