Drawing by Betty, Anatomy Master Class student

Here's what Betty says about Anatomy Master Class

I have been a passionate enthusiast of the arts for as long as I can remember. I was born with a gift for art. Growing up, I loved to use my crayons to create beautiful drawings and paintings. My parents were supportive, I am grateful for the opportunities they gave me. I have never had formal training in anatomy for artists and have always wanted to learn how to do things right. I don't know how to rate my skills because my work is always well-received. I feel like I need to improve my skills before I can truly excel as an artist.

One day, I met a professional fine artist, who told me that to draw better portraits, I have to learn anatomy. Given my background, I feel that I would have benefitted from such an experience. I started learning on my own, and I lacked a clear structure. There are many great resources available online for free, but I wanted a course that is designed specifically for artists who need to learn anatomy fast. I've made the decision to dedicate all my energy to my art career, and I'm really excited about it. I was set to begin my adult life with a major in fine art, and I knew that this would be the perfect choice for me. However, that was not to be. I studied graphic design, but had to go to work at 18. Years later, I built my own studio, stocked up on art supplies and searched tirelessly for inspiration only to find intimidation at the blank page and fear of failure at fruitless attempts. From time to time I was able to succeed, but only due to my diligent ability to "bring things into line".

This was before I have found the Anatomy Master Class; things have changed since. Taking this online art course, was the turning point for me. In this class, I found exactly what I was looking for - a simple to follow, yet comprehensive anatomy course that is designed for artists, not medical students. In this course, I learn only what is important for figurative art, without wasting any time on anything less essential. Also, the great thing for me is that I do not have to learn any Latin names of bones and muscles here. In the video lessons, the course teachers use simple terms and common names that I already know. This makes things much easier. I am working hard to improve my portrait and figure drawing skills and I hope to eventually be able to teach others about the joys of drawing. If I had known about Anatomy Master Class earlier, I would have enrolled right away.

Thank you very much for creating this course for artists like me. I also grateful for your support and advice you give me every time I have a question or need a second opinion on my artwork. Your feedback and constructive critique are so helpful.

Thank you very much!

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