Anatomy Master Class Launch

Anatomy Master Class – New Video Course for Figurative Artists

Anatomy Master Class

April 23, 2015

By Vladimir London

Anatomy Master Class, a brand new video course for figurative artists, has been launched today.

This educational website is different from the many anatomy courses available for artists on the Internet. It is created for students who want to excel in anatomy quickly, but whose demanding schedules don’t present the time needed to master it. The site features 25 video lessons that show everything a fine artist must know about the human body, its anatomy and proportions.

The course tutors, Vladimir London and Natalie Richy, create figurative artworks in front of the students’ eyes. Simultaneously, they explain anatomy and proportions of a human body, including the head, and face, which enables artists to draw realistic figures and portraits.

The course is structured so that simply watching each video lesson in sequential order, the art student will discover the most essential information to apply in figurative drawing immediately.

Here is what Vladimir London says about the course.

“As an art teacher, I’m often asked how to draw figurative artworks proficiently. Many contemporary art students struggle to depict human figures and portraits in a realistic manner. They graduate from art colleges and universities without the necessary knowledge of human anatomy and traditional drawing techniques necessary in figurative art.

Art students understand the importance of human anatomy; however, learning it can be intimidating. There are more than 200 bones and 300 muscles in a human body; they all come with Latin names, which are not easy to remember. It is one of the reasons why the human anatomy subject often scares art students.

To solve this challenge, and to give artists an easier way to discover human anatomy, we created the Anatomy Master Class.

Learning anatomy can be easy and fun. Art students do not have to learn all the bones and muscles, only those that influence a body’s appearance. They are learning to become artists, not doctors. For the same reason, there is no need to memorize Latin names. In the Anatomy Master Class, we refer to bones and muscles by their common names, which students already know from everyday life.

The crucial information in this anatomy course is repeated in several lessons, every time with a new angle, so eventually students learn it effortlessly.

In our anatomy course, lessons are presented in the form of step-by-step drawing exercises. Students observe how to draw human figures and portraits with full knowledge of anatomy and proportions from beginning to end. It’s as though the student sits beside the art teacher and watches over his shoulder. No art college or university offers the same teaching approach.

In addition, art students benefit from unlimited personal support from the tutors via email. This support is included in the course price, which is only $97. Personal attention for each student – for as long as necessary – at no extra charge! No art college provides the same service – unlimited lifetime tutoring for a one-time low fee.

Our vision is that fine art portrays the purpose and beauty of life; and our mission is to teach fine artists necessary art skills. We want to inspire art students to follow the rich traditions of fine art and build their mastery on the heritage of the Old Masters.

We want to make a difference and help artists achieve their creative success. This is why we created the Anatomy Master Class to give comprehensive information on human body anatomy and proportions, and to show how to draw realistic figurative artworks.”

To see for yourself, enroll now.

Learn human body anatomy and proportions quickly and easily

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