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Manga Studio 5

Question from Nishant

Manga Studio 5I saw a review of Manga Studio 5. It was praised for drawing excellent for people with bad drawing. Is it for real?

Answer from Vladimir London, Anatomy Master Class tutor

Hi Nishant,

Many thanks for your question.

Ask yourself a question – if some software has ready-made templates that can be used to draw cartoonish characters, would it make you a good artist?

A drawing tool, or software, can be taken away. How good your drawing skills will be without it?

To draw human figures and portraits, you need more than digital templates. Your figurative drawing skills start with the knowledge of human body anatomy and proportions.

With this knowledge, you can expand your creativity in whatever style you want to draw – cartoon, manga, realistic or fantasy. The fundamental principles of drawing human characters are universal.

The more you know about how to draw people, the less dependent you will be from drawing tools and software and the more flexible your creative style would be.

Kind regards,

To watch video lessons on human body anatomy and proportions,

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