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Anatomy Master Class review by Irina Grabarnik

Anatomy Master Class Graduate feedback

I’ve taken two online art courses: Drawing Academy and Anatomy Master Class.

Both courses are amazing. These are the best resources to learn fundamental drawing skills, as far as I know, out there. I’m very thankful for that. For any artist, beginner or an advanced art student, they are just a true treasure.

The video lessons are packed with useful information and the art teachers, Vladimir London and Natalie Richy, are very helpful.

During the Anatomy Master Class, I kept my sketchbook at hand and drew everything along with the tutors to memorize the information. Here is a couple of pages from that sketchbook:

Anatomy Master Class review by Irina Grabarnik

Thank you, Vladimir and Natalie, for your wonderful courses!

Kind regards,
Irina Grabarnik

Design portfolio:
Illustration portfolio –

To learn human body anatomy and proportions quickly and easily,

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